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IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Due to Corona Virus , Casa Di Greco will keep you safe from spreading by disinfecting all handles and switches along with everything you use and touch multiple times per day. Feel free to peel off the membranes from every item ,you will be the first to use. Inside the apartment you will find door handle signs to hang from your door and notify us if you need service cleaning and linen change. We all stay safe. We can fight this! Thank you for your understanding

Story About US

Casa di Greco apartments for rent are brand new accommodate apartments built in 2018. Located on the upper floor of our exceptional restaurant – bar casa la crem. Our region, Vourvourou Chalkidiki, offers sea view, mountain consists of thick forest and nine fantastic islands is the finest place one could travel and combine the adventures of the sea along with the mountain.

Casa di Greco lies on the front of the beach offering you the best sea view in a central place in Vourvourou. Our deepest respect to the environment represents our olive tree right in the center of the restaurant offering a great shadow to our guests .

Casa di Greco also combines elegance with luxury and finesse along with hospitality. Our goal is to offer our guest the Greek hospital culture along with the calmness of the region and luxury that meet your finest criteria.

Please visit also our apartments also located in Vourvourou Halkidiki in www.simonking.gr

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Always first in technology

Casa di greco -casadigreco- comes first in tech . Starting from scratch and using robotic technology for the construction of the building!

In respect for the nature

Casa di greco -casadigreco- respects all the natural environment including animals and trees.
Casa la creme,which holds casa di greco , is build around a big olive tree right in the middle of the restaurant yard . Also you will notice the olive trees all around the parking spot!
Basic cleaners of the household are friendly to the environment since they are handmade and basically made of vinegar. No chlorium is used.

Favorite vacations

By visiting Vourvourou Halkidiki,you will have the time of your life vacation. The best place to stay and visit all second foot!

Vourvourou by night

There are many places to visit and have decent meal. If you want to have a quick but quality meal, right below your feet ,casa la creme will welcome you and guide you to Greek cuisine.

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