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Psarogiannos beach. A beach for you and your family where you can find a beach bar aand enjoy the sunbeds and relaxation.

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Karidi beach

Karidi beach has its main beach and a second beach to the south. These beaches are real magnets for tourists in the summer and one of Sithonia’s most sought after beaches. Photogenic Karidi is often in websites and magazines as a picture to lure you to Sithonia’s fantastic gems.

There is no organization on the beach as far as beach bars are concerned, this also means no sun-beds and umbrellas. At the entrance to Karidi beach is a new restaurant called Melia, here is also a take away bar where you can get food to take to the beach. We highly recommend trying their unique calamari gyros! Up the road about 400 m is also a pizzeria at Top Studios.

The beach is very shallow like a large sheltered aquamarine swimming pool. The sand is powdery soft and cannot be compared with any other sand in Sithonia. Adults can walk out 50+ meters and the water won’t get past the waist, so this really is the perfect kid’s pool. Even in the end season this beach will be crowded so it’s good to get here early in the day if you want parking and room for your towel.

What’s great about Karidi Beach
Gorgeous photogenic beach. Calm shallow water and powdery sand. No loud music and perfect for the children.
And what’s not…
Crowded at all times and the water can at times get murky when seaweed gets blown into the bay.

Access is easy, just drive to the south side of Vourvourou and you will see a sign to Ekies resort, turn here and follow the road to the end. Park under the trees and don’t get stuck in the soft sand.

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Portokalii beach / Orrange Beach

Orange beach is also called Portokali and Kavourotripes, the later one meaning crab holes. This pretty well describes this beach that is actually many small beaches or small white sand coves that are found over kilometers of coastline. Be brave and explore as there are many small beaches that are difficult to reach and these ones usually have few people.

The main beach is organized by a beach bar and is overcrowded with sun-beds and umbrellas, by 11am you won’t be able to find an emply chair. People keep crowding in until the cliffs and rocks around have bodies sunbathing in almost every crevice. If you are unfortunate to find a place there are other beaches further up the coast where you may find space to relax. The last couple of years have seen more food stands being set up for the needs of the crowds.

The water is an uncomparible green-blue and very transparent, the sand is powdery soft. Snorkeling around the rocks is also recommended.

What’s great about Orange Beach

Great beaches and water for swimming. Free campers set up among the pines. Great view of Mt. Athos. 

And what’s not…

Has become overcrowded even in the off season. A little difficult to get to.

Access to Orange beach is not so easy. Drive north from Sarti about 10 minutes and you will see the signs on the right for Portokali. Be careful not to miss it. You can either park there just off the road or drive in to the beach, but you will be fortunate to find a spot if you don’t arrive early.

If yo are traveling from Casa di Greco Vourvourou ,about 16 km from Vourvurou to Sarti on your left hand you should see the label!

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Rodia Beach Bar

Banana beach now goes by the name Rodia, is on the east side of Sithonia about 10 km south of Vourvourou. The beach is small and at the end of a steep valley that ends with the beach. It is quite sheltered by the cliffs that surround it from 3 sides.

There is a beach bar (Rodia) that organizes the beach with sun-beds and umbrellas. The area is very well developed with a green tree filled park before the beach. In the grass you can sit on bean bags or picnic tables and rest in the shade under the trees. A fast food restaurant serves simple snacks like pizza. There are also toilets and showers.

The beach has nice coarse sand that continues into the water at a gentle slope. The water is very clean and this is a great place to put a mask and snorkel in the water. Highly recommended for families with children.

What’s great about Rodia Beach
Perfect day beach with good food and organization. the water is ideal for swimming.
And what’s not…
Only the drive down on a dirt road.

About 10 km south of Vourvourou you will see the sign “Rodia”. Follow the dirt road a couple of kilometers to the end. Parking can be sparse.

You will find Rodia here


There are many places to visit in Vourvourou and many things to do to have fun.

Depending on your personal taste or family status you can try some of the destination we reccomment to you !

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